1.  The San Jose Nine-Hole Group plays golf according to USGA rules and San Jose Country Club local rules.  If there is a breach of a rule while playing, it must be called to the attention of the one in error before teeing off at the next hole.


2.  Holes played by the Nine-Hole Group include: 

                Front Nine:  Holes 1 – 9

                Back Nine:  Holes 10 -18

                Special Front:  Holes 1 – 7, 17 & 18

                Special Back:  Holes 8 – 16


3.  Tee Times:  Check-in at the Pro Shop is 7:30 and a

member must be signed in by 7:45 to be in sweeps. 

Blast-off is at 8:00; except as noted on the calendar.


4.  Nine-Hole group players have the right of way when cutting across from 7 to 17 and 16 to 8 only on Tuesday mornings.  At any other time, those coming up from 16 have the honors on the 17th tee.


5.  A member may bring a house guest to play on a Tuesday upon payment of green fees.  Party days are closed to guests unless the Captain is notified.  No guests are allowed on meeting days.


6.  The Nine-Hole Group meeting days are held on the first Tuesday of each month, when possible.  In the event of inclement weather (rain), we will still have the meeting.  Everyone’s attendance is expected and appreciated.  Please arrive by 11:30 for lunch followed by the meeting.


7.  Regular membership dues are $100.00 annualy; which includes a $39.00 handicap charge.  Social dues are $25.00 annually.  Dues are not refundable to members leaving the group during the year.  New members without an NCGA number, pay an additional, one-time, $10.00 joining fee.


8.  Hole-in-one insurance is available upon payment of $5.00 to the Treasurer.


9.  The San Jose Country Club Nine-Hole Group is a participating member of the Women’s Nine Hole Golf Association (WNHGA).


10.  You may invite up to 3 experienced golfers on Guest Days.  Your guests do NOT need to have an index or handicap.


11.  Any committee chairperson who decides to move on to the 18-hole group is responsible for finding and training her replacement. 


12.  The Nine-Hole Group is a voluntary organization whose success depends on the involvement of all of the members.  As noted in the front of this book, there are many committee chair positions which need to be filled every year.  If you are not currently active in this capacity, please consider filling one of these positions next year.  Talk to any of the persons currently holding a position you may be interested in for a more in depth description of what the job entails.




1.  A Handicap Index is established based on the first 6 scores played at SJCC with any person with an established index. 


2.  A player’s Handicap Index will update daily, provided that the player submitted a score the day before.


3.  On Nine Hole Play Days, the Pro Shop will post your score.  Any other day, each member is responsible for adjusting and posting her own scores on the computer located in the Ladies’ Locker Room.  Post all scores of games played on any day of the week, including any games played on other courses.  Adjust X’d out holes according to the Maximum Hole Score and USGA rules. 


Score cards must be dated, signed and attested.  Do not

attest a card if you do not believe that the recorded score

is correct!


4.  Any player playing an 18-hole round must post her score as two nines.  This also includes rounds played away.


5.  A player may also combine two 9-hole rounds (played on different days) and post an 18-hole score on the computer.  Instructions can be found on the bulletin board.


6.  Two (2) X’d out holes are permitted for nine-hole index computation.


7.  Two (2) scorecards per group, with scores listed in alphabetical order by the last name of each player in each group should be given to the scorers by 12:15 PM in order to be eligible for sweeps.  All scorecards must be completed in their entirety, signed and dated.




The Maximum Hole Score for each player will be

limited to Net Double Bogey, equal to:


Par of the Hole + 2 Strokes

+ Handicap Strokes Received (Pops)


For example, if you receive 2 Handicap Strokes (Pops)

on a par 4, the maximum score you can take is 8.


4 (Par) + 2 (Double Bogey)

+ 2 Handicap Strokes Received (Pops)  = 8




1.  Pairings as made should be observed.




1.  Throughout the year we will have numerous special

event days.  These are held on various days such as Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Thanksgiving, etc.


2.  Special event days must be signed up for in advance.  Sign-up sheets will be circulated prior to each event.  Sign-up sheets can also be found on the bulletin board in the locker room.


3.  If you sign up for a special event but do not attend, you will be charged unless adequate cancellation notice has been given.  Cancellation should be phoned in to the event chairperson 48 hours prior to the event.  Certain exceptions will be dealt with on a case by case basis.




1.  Sweeps is the game of the day with awards given according to the number of members participating.  The scorers determine the flights and the amounts of awards.  Members must have a 5 game index in order to participate in sweeps.


2.  All putts must be holed out in stroke play tournaments.  Some tournaments may limit the maximum handicap not