By-Laws of San Jose Country Club Neuf Troux Group


Article I




The name of the organization shall be the San Jose Country Club Neuf Troux Group.


Article II




The purpose of the Neuf Troux Group shall be to encourage active participation of 9 holes of golf and to promote sociability among members.


Article III




Section 1.  Eligibility


a.  The Membership shall consist of those women who have been admitted to membership in the San Jose Country Club as a Proprietary Member, an Associate Member, a Special Member or a Young Executive Member and who have paid Dues to the San Jose Country Club Neuf Troux Group.


Section 2.   Classification of Membership


a.  Regular Members shall be those women who have an established 18-hole handicap. They shall be entitled to full privileges of membership.


b.  Active Members shall be those women who play with the group a minimum of 12 rounds/year.


c.  Provisional Members shall be those women who are in the process of establishing their 18-hole handicap.  Once established, they shall become Regular/Active Members and shall be entitled to all the privileges of membership.


d.  Neuf Troux Social Members shall be former golfing members of the Neuf Troux Group. They shall not be entitled to golf and privileges, nor hold office or committee chairmanships. 


Section 3.   Dues


a.  The annual dues for Regular, Active, Provisional, and Neuf Troux Social Members shall be such sums as are recommended by the Executive Board and approved by 2/3 of the Active Membership at a general meeting, provided that notice of the proposed change has been given by email one month in advance. Annual Dues are payable on January 1, and become delinquent March 30th of each year.


Article IV


Offices and Elections


Section I.   The Officers of this organization shall be Captain, Co-Captain, Secretary, Treasurer and Parliamentarian.


Section 2.   Duties


a.  The Captain shall preside at all meetings and exercise general supervision of all activities of the Membership.


b.  The Co-Captain shall perform any duties assigned by the Captain.  In the absence of the Captain, she shall assume the Captain’s duties.


c.  The Secretary shall keep a record of the proceedings of all meetings of the organization and the Executive Board and be responsible for correspondence. In the absence of the Captain and the Co-Captain she shall preside over the meeting.


d.  The Treasurer shall collect and deposit all monies due in a bank account, disperse the necessary funds as approved by the Active Members, take receipts at all times and prepare a monthly financial report. She shall turn over all remaining funds to her successor in office, after an independent audit is conducted by two Members appointed by the Captain.


e.  The Parliamentarian shall preferably be the Past Captain and she shall ensure the enforcement of the bylaws and the adopted rules and procedures.


Section 3.   Nomination and Election


At the general meeting held on the first meeting day of September, nominations shall be taken for Officers and Committee Chairmen for the next year. 


This list shall be posted on the 9 Hole bulletin board by the last Tuesday of September.


Elections of officers shall be held on the first meeting day in October. Additional nominations from the floor shall be permitted, provided the nominee has given her consent.


Section 4.   Term

The Officers shall be elected to serve one year.  All terms of office shall begin after installation in December. The Co-Captain shall be elected to serve preferably three years, one year as Co-Captain, a second year as Captain and a third year as Parliamentarian.


Section 5.  Vacancy in office

If a vacancy should occur in an office, a successor shall be chosen by the remaining Members of the Executive Board to serve until the next election.

Article V


Executive Board


Section 1.  The Executive Board shall consist of the Officers of Neuf Troux as well as the Rules, Handicap and Team Play Chairmen.


Section 2.   Duties


The Executive Board shall transact all necessary business affairs of the organization and make recommendations on matters of policy and finance to the Membership. They shall meet at the request of the Captain. Six Members shall constitute a quorum.


Article VI


Advisory Committee


Section 1.  The Advisory Committee shall consist of the Officers and the Team Play Chairman.


Section 2.   Duties


This Committee shall assist the Captain in planning the yearly calendar of this organization, prepare a proposed budget and assist in any other matters deemed necessary by the Captain.


Article VII




Section 1.  General meetings of this organization are once a month.


Section 2.  Special meetings may be called by the Captain, the Executive Board or upon the written request of ten (10) Active Members. Fifteen (15) Active Members shall constitute a quorum.


Article VIII


Amendment of the Bylaws


These bylaws may be amended by a 2/3 vote of the Active Members present at any regular scheduled general meeting of this organization, provided that the amendment has been submitted in writing within 24 hours of the previous meeting.  Active Members may also cast their vote via proxy and/or email prior to a general meeting where a vote is required.


Article IX


Parliamentary Authority


Roberts Rules of Order (Revised) shall govern proceedings of this organization in all cases not provided in these bylaws.





*Revised December, 2019:  Andrea Cimino, Kim Crary, Monica Pashby, Sue Rogers, and Linda Roper